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Click here to see new litter born 2012-08-31 Fore Sale

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All kittens at S*East Auroraīs are when they leave :

  • At least: 14 weeks

  • Dewormed a couple of times

  • Vaccinated against flu/enteritis

  • Health controlled by a veterinarian

  • ID - marked with microship

    Along with the kitten come:

  • SVERAK pedigree ( FIFe )

  • Vaccinations and ID - Papers

  • Health-certificate ( not older then 7 days ).

  • A written contract

  • And of course, a lifelong support
    from me the breeder :-)

  • All cats will be sold as indoor cats, but appreciate a playground outside or a balcony with net

    Please notice: I do not sell any kittens without personal contact.

    Availble The kitten is free and you can ask for the kitten

    Option Someone is intressted in the kitten, but you can still ask for the kitten!

    Reserved Someone has payed the deposit for the kitten - is not free any longer!

    Sold Kitten is sold and moved to new owner!

    Under evaluation, you can still ask about the kitten for nothing is decided yet!

    The kitten is under availble allways!

    But donīt hesitate to contact me by telephone or email if you have any questions. That was all I think at the moment on :-)