Kittenīs for sale born 12th februrary !                                                                  Kittenīs fore sale 12th februrary !                                                                 

News: Kitten´s between CH S*Tartaruga´s Sture Blå & SE*Marsta Coon Savannah :-)

Update with 13 weeks photos!

6 weeks


S*East Aurora´s Black And White 1 År


My Oh My Best kitten / youngster of the year 2011 TMC & MCO Club and her friend How Will I Know

2 red boys, 1 brown boy, 1 blacktortie girl and 1 black solid girl :-)

Congratulation to Champion Mintha ( Torn in my side ) & Thomas and Ida for showing her so nice!

Title was taken in Järna 15 August

Thanks for this loving girl :-)

Congratulation Kane ( Black diamond ) on IDP success!

Saturday Ex1,Best MCO,NOM & BIS-Juniour

Sunday EX1,Best MCO & NOM and also 3:e best tabby all breeds :-)

Thanks Eva for the photo over the success :-)

Click here to see more of Eurythmics litter born 2008-11-13

BIS - Litter 6 december & Thank you for showing offsprings! :-)

Father MR Mercer BIS - Studmale 7 december! :-)

Many thanks Ingvar Nyqvist for these photos from Birka!

European Champion S*East Aurora´s Bad Moon Rising

Many thanks to all halfbrothers on the same show and we see you soon again! :-)

Susie Q 2 * CAGCIB & Offspring I Wanna Rock IC in Norway :-)

Proud Rouge with her kitten´s :-)

I*Applepie´s Aphrodite

Photo from her first show :-)


Congratulations DK*Olmocabe´s Mr Mercer for Best In Show in Rasbo 29/9




EC DK*Coogan´s Rouge

Sverak 30:e adult

The Maine Club 1:a adult

Maine Coon Katten 3:a adult

CH S*East Aurora´s Bad Moon Rising

Sverak 18:e youngster

The Maine Club 1:a youngster

Maine Coon Katten 1:a youngster

Västerås cat club 3:a all cats

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